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Second attempt: could the wounds of yesterday heal? Or they cicatrize?
I happily smirked on the seat of 152, I'm again on the schedule to catch the bus leaving at 2:15pm: by half past one I was again on Retiro...

14:15 Iguazu Tigre I.
I silently cogitated in myself: if there's a Via Bariloche company, what sells a Via Bariloche ticket...why don't they display the same name? At 14:00 they clearly have the VIA.BARI fontset.
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But this didn't matter anymore, I boarded! My traveller pride was in the ashes yesterday, because up to then I never had missed any vehicle.
Of course, it could be a matter of literary and technicalities viewpoint whether missing the vehicle was the best to describe the situation of yesterday.
I was on the terminal, just didn't get on the bus. :D
But. In respect of travelling technique, this blooper, this trip, this slip didn't affect the journey seriously: the single difference was I didn't have +1 night in Puerto Iguazú on Saturday evening but after the arrival on Sunday morning I immediately head out to the waterfall. And the Sunday evening is still there to discover the city.
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Those were the news dear viewers. Now the weather forecast. All over the country windy we... *power off*

Now the better news without TV. The journey didn't only put an end to the 3 years long delay and finally visited the Iguazú Falls - but the dear readers now can enjoy all the meals (and understand it as afternoon snack-dinner-breakfast) of the Via Bariloche and Crucero del Norte companies. Already was worth the waiting, no?

By 2:16pm we set out toward north on the highway. The afternoon snack consisted a miniMuffin with vanilla, toast and peach jam.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the coffee is already sweetened. Dietetics philanthropy.

Later started the Batman - The Dark Knight on the miniScreen, what made me relaxed after the heaps of stress and weariness; but one must reduce the earned points because due to the weak cabling you could overhear the radio and cumbia...
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8:40pm in Concordia, five minutes walk for everyone.

When I sat back into the seat had to realize the printed out accommodation confirmations were left at home...but I already had experience for such situations.
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Been there, done that.

Yeah, you too noticed the Via Bariloche painting on the bus, right?
d02_05 (2014-03-01 20:44:49) -- show location on Google Maps
Serving the supper
As starter cold rice salad with ham, toast, dulce de leche and as the dessert a vanilla gelatin.
d02_06 (2014-03-01 21:16:08) -- show location on Google Maps
As the main course Bolognese spaghetti. Escorted by red malbec.
d02_07 (2014-03-01 21:25:35) -- show location on Google Maps
The miniScreen continued with a Kevin Costner-helicopter-catastrophe-prison thing: perfect to fall asleep.