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Destination: Brazil
Half past 7, the morning was refreshing, it seems there was some raining during the night. Packed the backpack, had the breakfast with the usual toast, butter and coffee combination, putting aside the dulce de leche. Later I strolled to the bus terminal on the other side of the street by 8:15am.
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The Brazilian Iguazú
By half past 8am we were at the border, exit procedures from Argentina - everybody got off from the bus. I had my passport immediately at the 16. page, the current and latest valid permit - but this is the whole witty story, nothing special happened: the expired DNI didn't matter, let's stamp into the passport.

The only remaining question whether I'll have an entry stamp to Paraguay...Brazil.

The bus parked on the other side of the border, the second driver collected the DNIs and the passports and took them to the border patrols himself. Make no confusion, make no confusion, I left the country with the passport, I'll enter with the same. Meanwhile some women improvised a flea market, were selling towels with the World Cup design, a man offered rosaries.

Right at 9am the driver returned, everything is okay, I entered Brazil in a full legal manner.

By quarter past 9am we were at the Brazilian Foz do Iguaçu National Park, everybody can go where they want to. I had some brainstorms whether I'll have to speak Portuguese? It would be hard, but naturally they understand the Spanish too. Alas, my happiness withered in a short amount of time: the Brazilian relative of the cashier in San Ignacio took her revenge. Because she was willing to sell only a full price ticket, because - you ain't gonna believe this but - This is only a temporary residence permit. I told her heyheyhey-stopstopstop: the DNI is valid in the whole region of MERCOSUL! That doesn't matter, she was only smiling. I said okay. Okay...

I didn't flip a middle finger because I wanted to visit the place...we're gentlemen, otherwise this isn't directly Argentine territory, thus wouldn't make too much sense to express an elevated sense of justice. I bought the full ticket (160-something pesos), plus 67ARS to put down the clothes-nonphoto backpack.
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The park was opened on the 10th of January 1939, and you can get to the waterfalls in an about 10 minutes with a scenic bus ride. The official page is here, its page on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage as the 355. item since 1986 can be clicked here.
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From the Brazilian side. Traveller philanthropy: those who want to visit the parks, surely and absolutely fit both sides into the itinerary, because the beauty of Argentine side is the close experience to see the waterfalls, the Brazilian side gives the possibility seeing everything from above and distance.
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Devil's Throat in the background.
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Jeremy Iron's stuntman climbed up on these rocks in The Mission movie. Allegedly.
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The legend
Since the Argentine side already detailed the history of the place, shall the Brazilian side prosper through the legend; which has at least two versions.

The first tale comes from the Káingang natives, who had a deity called Mboi: his form on Earth was a huge snake. Mboi one day had the appetite for Naipí, the beautiful daughter of the chieftain. How it works in general, it's better to please the gods, so Igobi decided to give his daughter to Mboi.

But Igobi didn't know that Tarobá, a young warrior of the tribe had been in eternal love with Naipí since the first moment they saw each other, so he captured the girl when the ritual sacrifice begun and they escaped together in a canoe. Mboi was furious and in his terrible rage threw his gigantic body into the water with a crushing force enough to break the bed of the river - and the dark depths with the engulfing water took the life of the young lovers.

An another tale is similar and not less bloodthirsty. The unappeasable rage of the gigantic snake goddess Boi could be satisfied only by defenseless maids thrown into the river. Here comes Tarobá again, who learned this year the beautiful Naipí will be the unfortunate sacrifice - in spite all of his prayers and begging to the wise elders of the tribe - Spare her life! - they remained silent. In this moment Tarobá and Naipí tried to escape in a canoe but Boi already knew everything: her crushing rage broke the bed of the river again and the couple had faded into the oblivion at the bottom of the waterfall.

Down to earth, simplified explanation: Tarobá and Naipí spent their days together in the paradise-like jungle, but an evil-hearted snake appeared on the scene and messed up everything.

The legend continues where Boi turned Tarobá into trees - you can see them on the Upper Circuit - and the waterfalls represent Naipí's long hair. After the job Boi receded back to the dark waters of the Devil's Throat and since then watches Tarobá and Naipí to ensure they cannot ever be together again... But the sunshine is stronger than Boi's power, thus on the sunlit days when you can see a rainbow above the water, the lovers can join once more.

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People, people.

If you inspect the picture closely, in the top-left corner you can see a little child learning to walk.
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Tarobá and Naipí again together. Finally some sunshine, finally, natural colours and contrast, finally.
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Unorthodox lunch with the play of a chocolate frappé for 66 pesos. The history repea...the taste was like the chocolate drink we used to have in the elementary school in the eighties of Hungary. Although that time we didn't know it should be called as chocolate frappé and surely didn't cost this amount.
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Into the city: Foz do Iguaçu
Back to the entrance on the Macuco Safari Road, then made some inquiries about the possibilities to get into the city: the most honest opinion is a cab. But, since I've already visited dark satanist dark stadiums with urban trains, I simply stayed with the mundane urban buses. Just in 20 minutes the green bus arrived (everything is green), and the rain started to pour again.

I liked the revolving gate on the bus, the lady sits up to the right and sells the ticket. I didn't get exactly how could some people just stay and enjoy the ride before the gate - but let's leave this in secret. The fare costs 15ARS to the urban terminal.
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Unfortunately there's nothing much to see on the road to the city because 1) the weather is rainy and humid 2) likewise to the airport transfers, the bus enters the airport and picks up the traveller youth with big backpacks. Hence the windows will steam up and you ain't see nothing.

At the urban terminal, then the 2 blocks away Katharina House hostel. I opened with a confident Español or English? question but the girl didn't find my troublesome name on the reservation paper. It must be there. An another girl arrived, she identified me. Super. My smile withered again because 40 reais per night she measured and rounded to 200ARS, when reallis would be 135ARS. No problem, I wanted to change some Brazil reais anyway.

I didn't even have to ask the WiFi password, I flip caipirinha from the top of my head: not only a very popular drink but it's the password calibre password of the region. I left the backpack in the room and sought an exchange. Strolled through the Av. Brasil what's supposed to be the central of the city (you can find the shops and a few restaurants here) but quite everything was closed and didn't have much downtown feeling on this cloudy numb afternoon. Finally one shop helped me with the information no place as exchange exist: I have to knock the door of the travel agencies. After I marooned in the pouring rain, finally found one open agency and for 300 pesos grabbed 69.30 reais.

Put together the remainder of the chocolate frappe, thus I have 70.10BRL to enjoy some happy entertainment. Which is 40 for the accommodation, thus having 30.10BRL for a dinner and tomorrow get to the international bus terminal. The rain is still coming down, that miniDrop type you don't feel but can be assured to get soaked down to the underp.nts.
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Back to the hostel, relaxing and waiting the rain to be stopped. The mattress had no filling in the middle thus I sank in a V form around the hips, but fortunately the tap neither has flowing water. The owner comes in the evening and will check it. Okay.

After 3pm a Japanese guy arrived. It's worth to mention and respect, without any knowledge of Portuguese or Spanish and with very minimal English yet he started to travel this part of the world. Go tu Ardzsendzsina tomoró, Iguaszú. But at least his high-tech phone had a dictionary and could express himself.

15:41 the rain stopped. Hopefully completely for the day. I walked to the bus terminal, got to learn one needs to pick the 105 or 115 buses to the international terminal and the ticket costs 2.x reais; can be bought on the same day.

Brazilian money
On the contrary to the Uruguayan and Paraguayan, the cover of the Brazilian money always depict the personification of the Effigy of the Republic.
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Only the back differs: jaguar.
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Red-and-green macaw.
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Great egret.
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Hawskbill sea turtle.
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In the right top corner you can see the Southern Cross constellation.
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10 centavos
Pedro I of Brazil was the first emperor of Brazil.

50 centavos
José Paranhos, Baron of Rio Branco. Brazilian diplomat, geographer, historian, monarchist, politician and professor. He's considered as the father of the Brazilian diplomacy.
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A little Muffato shopping before 4pm, some sweets and beer tasting.
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It's raining outside and ...THUNDER...AAoA-AoAa...THUNDER...AAoA-AoAa... It's raining outside.

On the other hand, questionable whether 5 dl is worth 58 pesos of that time.
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The end of the walk. Originally I wanted to get to the riverside but as you can see I misnavigated: should have gone to west but I aimed the north. No prob, the rain still didn't stop.
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A coin minted in 2018, now that's something!
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Antarctica Sub Zero.
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17:03 again in the hostel, sat in the common area to fix-a-little diary. The Taurus bull beer is a kind of dark beer with coffee tones.
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The evening walk, because it is a must
Around 6pm I decided to refresh myself, but the water still hadn't been repaired. So the receptionist girl told me that I can use the inner bathroom of the girls' room. So did I, wrapped the towel around my waist and strolled into the bathroom through the room.

The girls arrived only later. The room this time was unoccupied. Before anyone would misunderstand something.

The boy's room had a new guest: an Italian man in his forties, wearing a tennis shirt with collar, long pants and leather shoes, and pulled a small Samsonite case behind himself. Suspicious. Suspicious.

Before 7pm I suddenly realized to visit the point where you can see the point of intersection between Argentina-Paraguay-Brazil.

The time is late yet I headed out. Nice colours.
d04_32 (2014-03-03 18:55:22) -- show location on Google Maps
The Point of Return since I had to realize the triangular intersection is much farther than the touristic map shows. And it was too late - or a matter of perspective - too early: only a few people walked in the city.
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Everything is green and eco-friendly.
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My short strolling didn't make it possible to say witty things about this phenomena but you can walk next to many similar shops in Foz do Iguaçu like this, offering above-elegant apparels.
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Much to my dismay the dinner was drowned in bad luck, because all the 2 restaurants on Rua Tarobá were completely occupied. There was a third as well, an elegant Brazilian parilla, but I can eat that in Argentina + didn't wear that type of clothes.
(The above shop was already closed...not yet opened)

Then I found this gyros on the Road Kubitschek, cost 11 reais with the 6 dl of coke.

Against my previous expectations, alas I didn't get a taste of the Brazilian cuisine, but the gyros wasn't bad with the garlic cream.
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Along with the other pedestrians, I myself too admired the clothes of the nth shop.
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The evening
By half past 9 I returned to the accommodation, evening tasks. I noticed the Italian guy after a shower, smelling good and in an elegant apparel made some low key calls, then later left. I see, I got it now! This is a Danielle Steel action moment! Alessandro, the Italian industry magnate stays in a hidden hostel at Iguazú Falls, to meet with his chocolate brown Brazilian mistress incognito and steal some romantic moments together. His wife hired a private detective, who's already following him since Rio de Janeiro, and neither Monique's family supports this relationship, especially João the brother. The time is short, everything works against them but their bonding heart cannot be torn. To be continued.

The warm weather arrived by the evening, there's no AC (burned out), only the open window is an option. Ending the day, sleeping in V.