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Departure from Foz do Iguaçu
07:00 woke up, from 7:45am the breakfast. I have no interest or the habit to plough the Argentine cuisine more than necessary, but on the contrary to the dulce de leche + dulce de leche + dulce de leche breakfast here I could put together a ham and cheese sandwich. And...I really have no wish to be offensive...but you could find mango, pineapple and slices of watermelon as well on the desk.

During the supping I looked around and noticed a Czech flag on the counter. After the breakfast I had to remark that I still have 2 extra hours: the bus leaves around 10am, only 2 blocks from here.

So just sat out on the bench in front of the hostel. The owner appeared with this breakfast plate, had a little conversation. I don't remember his nationality but possibly German. Where's the Czech flag coming from? He lived in Prague for some time, had a Czech girlfriend. Then came over to Brazil and now runs the hostel with two Brazilian girls. By the way, right on the last week there was a Hungarian girl here from Budapest.

08:00 new guests arrive, based on hearing the Portuguese, aka Brazilian-Portuguese doesn't seem easy: melts together, somewhere fast otherwise slow, soft and hard, German and French overtones, not too much articulation.

One-day excursion and the rest, but much to my shame I have to admit I should have prepared better, more than the bom dia and obrigado words. :(

08:10 a smaller group gathered together in front of the hostel, listened to a small lecture about the visit of the waterfalls. A blond, Marilyn Monroe-type tall Norwegian girl rose above the group, in her twenties, with glasses, next to him a hot Latino boyfriend/escort. *giggling* Everyone is interested to feel the Aventura Aquatica, so they learned getting raincoat and a waterproof bag. *giggling* The weather is hot and humid, they'll enjoy the shower.

09:20 the staff sat out for some break and I realized here Argentina isn't pronounced as Arhentína but Ardzsencsína.
d05_01 (2014-03-04 07:57:25) -- show location on Google Maps
Then I left to the bus.
d05_02 (2014-03-04 09:38:33) -- show location on Google Maps
d05_03 (2014-03-04 09:39:20) -- show location on Google Maps
The ticket cost 2.85 reais.
d05_04 (2014-03-04 09:42:00) -- show location on Google Maps
10:04 awaiting the bus and the rain started...
d05_05 (2014-03-04 10:06:11) -- show location on Google Maps
Departure from Brazil
Rodoviaria Internacional, even I understood that: International Bus Terminal.
d05_06 (2014-03-04 10:40:36) -- show location on Google Maps
Guys! Your fine-cut body is arresting, the batch of your muscles are irresistible, your sixpacker is unforgettable. But please wear a shirt, because this isn't the beach, the sunshine only a bus terminal. Obrigado and thank you for your cooperation.
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I still had some extra time ahead of me and unnecessary reais in my pocket, thus sat into the restaurant of the terminal to buy something from the menu in Portuguese. So I squandered the remaining 3 reais and it came out the something was only a toast with melted cheese. Of course I could have correlated from the Portuguese queijo to the Spanish queso aka cheese word.

The lady wasn't satisfied with my Portuguese knowledge. Me neither.
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11:03 checked-in, took over the valid bus ticket. Laid around on the seat, the rain poured outside. Daily lessons:
  • if you don't pay attention, then the TV in the first moment conveys some cooking show, in the other the female presenter heavily squeezes her boobs to advertise a bra
  • Brazilian people as well gives the kiss on both cheeks
At 12:05pm we set out, with a slight cardiac seizure: the ticket says 12:30. So if I just for some strange...unexpected randomness arrive later...well...I would have likely missed the bus.
d05_09 (2014-03-04 11:59:28) -- show location on Google Maps
By 12:45pm we were at the border, everybody got off and one-by-one queue to the exit procedure. The patrol asked me, if I had the white paper. What kind of white paper do you mean exactly? The one I got when I entered the country. Unbeknownst, that time the driver gentleman arranged everything. But before the situation would escalate the patrol just nodded and stamped the exit into my passport.

By half past 2 we're at the Argentine border and since I didn't find any relevant note in the draft of the diary, unfortunately I cannot write any witty story about the international nature of my DNI. Meaning: everything went fine during the reentry into the atmosphere.
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This is the suite category.
d05_11 (2014-03-04 12:58:37) -- show location on Google Maps
We parked down in the garage of Hotel Iguazú, everybody was ordered to leave the bus and to sit into an another with cama category. :(

:( I know, I had a ticket for that, I know. :(
d05_12 (2014-03-04 13:50:33) -- show location on Google Maps

Chocolate frappé from the elementary school and 999HUF Chinese shoes we used sometimes in the high school on the training classes. Since then it costs 300 pesos and has a Converse label.
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Güirá Oga is a Guaraní word and it means: The House of the Birds. They're working with the birds of the region, heal, feed and look after them. If I'm not mistaken you can visit too.
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The second bus change
16:20 a loud bang can be heard from the right side of the bus. Did we loose something?
16:33 we stopped again, parked down. The next bus behind reached us, the drivers came to help. Some passenger got off from the bus and stood around the already working bus drivers. Fortunately they were there to comment. Otherwise we would never escape alive.
Casual propellant of thinking, whether is there any Argentine flight, where with the exception of the parent holding the little baby and the passengers with disability, the other people without any classification will not jump up, will not start to take out their luggage, will not start to jam on the corridor in the very first second after the plane just stopped on the ground - to stand there for the next 10 minutes until the crew finishes the landing processes.
16:55 on the road again
d05_16 (2014-03-04 16:40:25) -- show location on Google Maps
Maybe not. Two hours later somewhere, in some other garage of the Crucero del Norte we stopped again and changed the bus one more time. The third bus per day.

I apologize because of the cardinal faux pas, but the below picture has an inaccurate GPS position: I couldn't match the real location of this second garage station. Relatively I had zillion amount of data, for instance the place of breaking down (GPS of the above), its time (16:30), the direction of the setting sun and this for the turning position of the bus as well. Additionally we arrived at 18:44 to this place so about 2 hours difference was the distance. I found some blurred egg wholesale called Campos Huevos building on the extra images, but still couldn't find the location in the Oberá-Apóstoles-Posadas Triangle.

If your Crucero del Norte bus breaks down somewhere there, I'll appreciate the information. :)
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d05_18 (2014-03-04 19:10:26) -- show location on Google Maps
20:23 the supper is served. Champagne...sparkling wine is served to conciliate the inconveniences because of the delay.

Gelatin, roll of ham, various bakery stuff with butter, bread sticks, and vanilla cube with coconut on the top.
d05_19 (2014-03-04 20:26:21) -- show location on Google Maps
The main course: goose leg and potato.
d05_20 (2014-03-04 20:35:53) -- show location on Google Maps
During the night
I finished some part of the Cloud Atlas and started to doze.