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Waking up and the breakfast
Three hours of sleep, the breakfast is served before 7am: vanilla flavoured muffin, peach jam, toast. I don't remember the thing under María Elena.
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Again in Buenos Aires
Getting into the city is very Monday...Wednesday morning.

The line advances as it can.
Don't fuck with the horn.
Or you'll pay a fine.

By half past 8 finally we made to the very-very-very-very last Platform 70. Not lesser motivations than the Paraguayan Ciudad del Este is a favourite place for the smugglers - thus anyone who directly arrives from the northern border, has to go through the luggage and body searching processes.
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09:22 apartment
11:15 factory
20:24 Brazilian Antarctica malt beer
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It seems the closing words of my travels to Northeast Argentina have a similar fate: few days, everything can be read during the days, any essay would be overkill at the end.

Iguazú Falls
One might see it as unnecessary pedantry, but you can imagine the overwhelming popularity of the Iguazú National Parks. Little known which time and date is the best to skip the single line queue, the waiting and the tourists climbing onto each others shoulder - likely somewhere between the spring and autumn. In respect of taking photos, if possible, the place is even more hectic.

Puerto Iguazú
I don't have deep experience with the city, it's mostly a relatively spread but visible hotel jungle built on the red sand. Besides the waterfalls the other sights can be the already mentioned Güira Oga and the Argentine side of the border triangle, aka the La Triple Frontera point.

Foz do Iguaçu
The travellers with more available time should add the Itaipu dam at the northern point of the city. In terms of annual generation it's the biggest hydroelectric dam in the world: in 2013 the facility generated a 98.6 TWh annual output, which supplied 75% of Paraguay's and 15% of Brazil's energy consumption. Dam Itaipu, you're good! Additionally you can easily visit the easternmost city of Paraguay, Ciudad del Este and get to the Portuguese Tríplice Fronteira aka the border triangle too may be interesting.

The first point would twinkle. I'll plan a next journey sooner to Plaza Francia and Plaza de Mulas than perchance to the Iguazú Falls. The simple reason there isn't too much enjoyment next to the tourists wrapped tightly. The waterfalls are clear beauties but a better timing is more ideal when within the bounds of possibilities you can enjoy them more leisurely. Of course-of course: now we're talking about one of the most known and popular touristic sight of the world, I know. Outside of this I'd return anyday.

3 years of Iguazú-delay has been made up
Factually, now the hindrance has been cracked and I don't have to explain myself in such disgraceful situations like Unfortunately it is true. I haven't been to Iguazú Falls yet but the South Pole. :((

From our next (non-Iguazú) chapter
Gotta get down to the beach. / Gotta get out to the beach...