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2015.04.23. Viedma and Tandil  
Río Negro and the Pampas
2015.03.23. The Pink House  
a slice of Argentine history
2015.03.22. Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires  
2015.03.08. La Plata again  
museum, Wiener schnitzel, déjà-vu
2015.01.25. Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum  
in Buenos Aires
2014.10.02. Midwestern landscapes of Argentina  
Salta - Cafayate - Valle Fértil - San Juan - Córdoba
2014.04.17. Neuquén  
wine, dinosaurs and autumnal leaves
2014.03.30. Metallica show  
in La Plata
2014.03.14. Mar del Plata  
the Argentine seaside
2014.02.28. Iguazu Falls  
the obligatory Argentine experience
2014.01.04. Trekking on Aconcagua Hot!  
Back in Mendoza, back to The Andes.
2013.11.22. The Jesuit reductions of Northeastern Argentina and Paraguay  
in narrow 3 days
2013.10.11. Three days in Uruguay  
Punta del Este - Montevideo - Colonia del Sacramento
2013.08.17. Paraná and costumes Unavailable!  
sunset, costume festival
2013.06.19. Mendoza and The Andes  
wine-tasting plus trekking
2013.03.26. From Jujuy to Bolivia  
Visiting Northwestern Argentina
2013.02.02. Gualeguaychú Hot!  
the Carnival of the country
2013.01.06. Villa La Ñata Unavailable!  
bicycling to north from Tigre
2012.12.31. New Year's Eve Unavailable!  
the second celebration in Buenos Aires
2012.10.31. Buenos Aires - Budapest  
roundtrip and airplanes
2012.07.21. XI. Festival of the Hungarian Folk Dances in South America  
the pictures of the festival
2011.11.23. South Argentina and Antarctica Hot!  
Czech Republic
2011.02.13. Farewell to Prague Unavailable!  
the last day
2011.02.09. Orloj  
view from the top of the Orloj Tower
2011.02.08. Prague Night II.  
the city during the night
2011.02.06. Riegrovy Sady-Námestí Míru  
view to the Castle after darkness
2011.02.05. Prague Night I.  
the city during the night
2011.02.02. Krematorium Strašnice-Želivského-Flóra Unavailable!  
the neighborhood
2011.01.30. Letenské Sady  
lookout to the city
2011.01.18. Petřín Unavailable!  
Petřín and its surroundings
2011.01.18. The Castle in the morning  
dawn pictures
2011.01.09. Loreto and the Castle Unavailable!  
these two sights
2010.12.31. New Year's Eve  
fireworks at Vltava
2010.12.06. Office Unavailable!  
a few winter pictures
2010.11.27. Zoo Unavailable!  
the zoo in Prague
2010.11.06. Žižkov TV Tower  
lookout from the tower
2010.08.24. Sunset towards West Unavailable!  
sunset from the flat
Europe on 4,810km
2010.07.07. Melnik-Lustenice-Kutná Hora  
warming-up session for the European Trip
2010.07.03. Kutná Hora Unavailable!  
one-day excursion
2010.06.26. Šternberk  
a few pictures of Šternberk
2010.05.08. CZSKHUSKPLCZ Unavailable!  
travelling through Czech Republic-Hungary-Slovakia-Poland
2010.04.24. Veteran cars Unavailable!  
car exhibition in Horní Počernice
2009.12.31. New Year's Eve  
fireworks at Vltava
2009.10.17. Czech Republic III. Unavailable!  
driving in the country
2009.07.06. Czech Republic II. Unavailable!  
driving in the country
2009.07.04. Czech Republic I. Unavailable!  
driving in the country
2009.05.28. Fashion Unavailable!  
spring collection
2008.12.31. New Year's Eve  
fireworks at Vltava
2008.08.30. Lustenice Unavailable!  
American car exhibition in Luštěnice
2008.07.29. Hotel ILF Unavailable!  
the first day in Prague

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