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Budapest-Buenos Aires, 2012.11.15.
Google Maps route
Ferihegy, Ferenc Liszt Airport, as you like
Departure from the cloudy and rainy Budapest.
d02_01 (2012-11-15 07:56:22) -- show location on Google Maps
d02_02 (2012-11-15 07:56:32) -- show location on Google Maps
d02_03 (2012-11-15 08:08:26) -- show location on Google Maps
Gate 11, opens at 12:05, waiting.
d02_04 (2012-11-15 08:09:27) -- show location on Google Maps
One more time a sole passenger in the whole row, which is rock and roll.
d02_05 (2012-11-15 08:32:35) -- show location on Google Maps
The sun always shines above the clouds.
d02_06 (2012-11-15 08:58:52) -- show location on Google Maps
Turning to the left above the train stop of Kőbánya felső.
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d02_08 (2012-11-15 09:02:24) -- show location on Google Maps
The competitors.
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d02_10 (2012-11-15 09:02:46) -- show location on Google Maps
Above the Austrian Alps.
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d02_12 (2012-11-15 09:19:42) -- show location on Google Maps
Only very slightly spicy fajita, but the quality is acceptable.
d02_13 (2012-11-15 09:32:02) -- show location on Google Maps
Some other competitors.
d02_14 (2012-11-15 10:35:36) -- show location on Google Maps
It looks like they got ahead of us. After my ears, the most of the passengers were Hungarians.
d02_15 (2012-11-15 10:35:47) -- show location on Google Maps
Based on the image it could be China, but not: reaching England from the east and Southminster.
d02_16 (2012-11-15 10:51:04) -- show location on Google Maps
d02_17 (2012-11-15 11:14:34) -- show location on Google Maps
Alas I didn't shoot such cute flight attendant pictures like here, instead British Airways to the left-right-up and down.
d02_18 (2012-11-15 12:24:12) -- show location on Google Maps
I think the terminal for the arrivals has been reconstructed - because if my memories don't fail me, here I had a passport check for the first time, but not now. The people transferring to other flights go directly to the next destinations. Only those people go to the passport checks who plan to enter onto the soil of England.
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d02_20 (2012-11-15 13:25:36) -- show location on Google Maps
Heathrow, central. You'll get the picture here, which gate you'll need to go.
d02_21 (2012-11-15 15:24:06) -- show location on Google Maps
d02_22 (2012-11-15 15:24:42) -- show location on Google Maps
Sitting, two croissants and a coffee.
d02_23 (2012-11-15 16:15:46) -- show location on Google Maps
I thought to ask one of the clerks about the promisingly positive WiFi signal, but it can be stolen only by the First and Business class passengers.
d02_24 (2012-11-15 16:16:00) -- show location on Google Maps
Futuristic and metallic interior of the airport mingles with the brown harmony of the neoclassical leather on the armchairs.
d02_25 (2012-11-15 16:17:52) -- show location on Google Maps
The B46 gate opened at 20:30, going through the underground train.
d02_26 (2012-11-15 17:30:28) -- show location on Google Maps
Boeing 747 on the way back.
d02_27 (2012-11-15 17:42:56) -- show location on Google Maps
d02_28 (2012-11-15 18:11:17) -- show location on Google Maps
The aisle seat was once again occupied, and in the last moment a girl jumped into the middle. In the front I had the luck of a jerk, who after sitting into the seat, pushed it completely backwards. When I changed my positions and my knee pushed the back, his eyes turned back with lightning, but at least he had the IQ to shut the freak up and don't say a word.
d02_29 (2012-11-15 18:23:11) -- show location on Google Maps
Returning over the Atlantic Ocean
There was a dinner: chicken breast with mushrooms and vegetable casserole (positive quality), bakery stuff with salty butter (positive), cold pasta salad (I don't remember), chocolate mousse (quite good, but I couldn't recognize the shaking and transparent cream underneath)
d02_30 (2012-11-16 04:50:46) -- show location on Google Maps
Then from Hour X arrived Batman, the Dark Knight, later the Total Recall 2012 examined in 118 minutes, illuminated the mini display.
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Brazil and sunrise
The sunset came at the airplane over Brazil. Unfortunately no black-orange-blue-black gradient was shot.
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The breakfast as usual: English breakfast, orange juice and coffee (I clearly cannot tell why I asked for it, maybe I got the taste of the Black Ivory) and a yoghurt with mango and pineapple.

Until the landing my brain turned off again for a few times, especially with full stomach.
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When exactly I cannot tell, I don't remember but I think everything was on schedule.

I can just copy here exactly the previous page's passport check as it happened when I left Buenos Aires: I stepped into the queue with the local documents and repeatedly smirked in myself over the eternal impotence of my DNI:
This DNI is expired. - said the lady.
Yes, unfortunately I don't have the new card yet, but the extension of the validity was stamped into my passport.
I handed it to her, she took, looked at, rotated and sniffed it. Few minutes passed by, she took it back to an office to an another colleague. They watched it for a few more minutes, then for everyone's greatest pleasure finally she stamped the entry date into the passport.

The customs and the screening of the luggage on the way out. I put the gray case and the backpack on the conveyor belt, both of them went through the machine, yet after the backpack the customs guard stepped up to me and asked to open it. He checked the camera, the lenses and the laptop, further asked where I'm from. I said Hungary. He nodded and already started to turn away when by an unintentional random habit (you know, so many people ask me how long have I been here, if I'm a tourist, etc), I added:

But I have the residency.

Immediate total silence descended onto the lounge, the air froze, all eyes were on us and the police dogs crawled into an attacking position with low growling. The guard stopped for a second and with one leg still in the air turned back:
Do you live here? Did you declare the items? What is your profession? What's your name? - he asked.
Bond. James Bond. I didn't expect such obstacle. The mission and the nuclear bomb defuse kit hidden in the camera flash were at stake, I couldn't afford that. From the corner of my eyes I quickly visualized the escape route through the chaotic South American airport, slipping through the fingers of the officers: an airplane was just taxiing to the runway with open wheel compartment. In a split second I enlisted my arsenal, before making the move...but the chances didn't favour my stand. I have to talk myself out.
Well, I arrived as a tourist to Argentina, I didn't need to declare them at that time. I didn't know that I'll have residency papers.
On the 31st of October when you left Buenos Aires, did you report these items? Do you have the OM121?
I exhaled silently and softened my grip in my pocket on the special pen: filled with high capacity tranquilizer spray and smoke shots.
Ahh, you mean only this?!? Síííí, lo tengo! - and I popped out the OM121 from my jacket.

He quickly read it through, then we saluted to each other and everybody went to continue his own life. While walking away toward the exit, I hummed the tunes of Heey heey, I saved the world today...everybody's happy now... in a quiet tone. Pussy Galore will love to hear this sultry episode.

The airport shuttle to home was more adventurous than getting here, because based on the rumours, the minivan stops at the bank, next to the palm tree. I love the private investigation stories woven with mystery and masonic ciphers.
The albino elephant leaped over the fence but trampled down the petunias.
Which rows?
The first and fourth.
Right, come in.

I walked around the A and B terminals, asked for instructions (I was directed only to an ATM not a bank), even called the shuttle company, but that palm tree still didn't want to reveal itself.

I was just about to stand in the line of the more expensive Manuel Tiendo León, when at a personnel door the man told me he knows where's the palm tree - even more where is the bank. Superb, I'm going to the direction and really found the point of the shuttle because and elder pair waits for it too. After about an approximate half hour waiting the minivan arrives and flies me to the downtown in 35 minutes.

From this point only one more dilemma remained: do I want to take a cab in the rush hours around noon, or just roll with the luggage to the Catedral a few blocks away, where I generally take the 111 colectivo?

I vote for the latter and in about 1 hour I got home into the flat on Godoy Cruz, submerged in voodoo magic and soaked by chicken blood.

I could opt for the cab...but then where's the adventure?