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James Bond arrived to his home by 8pm, threw down his elegant apparel, took out the backpack from his boudoir and started to pack (the special pen filled with high capacity tranquilizer spray and smoke shots was included - maybe he'll need that). After quarter past 11 he left to Retiro by the 152 bus. There's a twist, because not the bus but the terminal of the Buquebus ferry was the destination.

The design of the building is lavishing, there's everything from the fountain through the walls made of ashlar up to the spotlights beaming various colours on the spectrum.

As The Experienced Argentine Traveller I just smiled introvertly, because although I bought the ticket with the DNI but seeing its expiration the customs guard/check-in assistant looked vacillating and asked my passport (hahh those good ole times in Europe when they burned into your mind that anytime you cross a border you forever-and-ever must have your passport with yourself). He took the passport, stamped the date and everything's okay. Since I had only the photo backpack and a medium backpack, the need of the luggage wasn't necessary, If there's enough space on the ship. There was.
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11:30pm as the last man standing outside, I embarked the ship behind the other trampling passenger audience.
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On the deck of Buquebus
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Tricky but here ain't the ARA Presidente Sarmiento sailboat can be seen. That's more to the south in the dique and moored for eternity.
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Leaving from Buenos Aires made headway to Colonia
The ship left the pier at 00:21am. The nightly drift begun.
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When an entry becomes history.

3 years and 4 months are plentiful for a man to see a lot of things. One could mention multiple examples, shall we grab two. The money exchange shops on the Sarmiento street have disappeared into the mist of past a long time ago: they were replaced by the nowadays meticulously working yet a disputable country image producing Cambió! Cambió! legal black market.

Later show up the still existing historical memories with the probably purposely, perhaps passively culpable Nut Bank as well, what's ultimately the relevant example: you can see the building and the logo what used to be the property of Standard Bank but today although the base may be the same but carries the name of ICBC.
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Stormy weather wholly shakes even a Buquebus. Wind + ship on the water = you do the math of the blurred images.
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The passenger audience photographed the leaving Buenos Aires, and I started to meander about reason-effect also physical implications. At every few meters some Please throw the cigarette butts and thrash into the bin and not into the Río de la Plata! Thank you! signs are wired to the fence. That's clear, the passenger audience was understanding, so they threw down the butt to the platform, trodded the remainder of the ember and by they finished these actions walked away. The elements started to work from this point, like meteorology, the wind what picked up the thrash and carried it into the water. I know. I have too much time.
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On the deck
No pictures were shot about the interior because from one side they are boring, secondly it's not my practice to take photos of sleeping strangers. If you're interested how the ship looks inside, click here to browse pictures.
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A little sitting-a-round next to the onboard duty free shop: the passenger audience browsed the perfumes, magazines, chocolates and any other articles what the inquiring passenger audience may fancy to buy.
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Smartphones bring people together.
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Arrival to Colonia
On the contrary to the Río de la Plata the night didn't flow in a particularly rushing manner, thus I remained at semi-awake daydreaming. We arrived before about 3:30am to Colonia. During disembarkation everybody was so fascinated, I started to believe that I was dropped into the shooting of Titanic 2 - Jack is Back, but the loudspeaker calmed everybody down and even notified that please do adjust the clocks because Uruguay uses UTC-2. It's a useful information because 1 hour give and take is sufficient to miss a bus or the ferry back to Buenos Aires...

I bought my little travel with the itinerary from Buenos Aires to Punta del Este and believed that the ferry goes right there, but probably because of the early timing and timetable, from here the passengers are carried forward by buses - ON THE DRY LAND.

So at half past 3 we moved out to the Route 1 running on the southern shore of Uruguay.
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