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Each man has his testosterone bomb. Scary weapons, fuel gluttonizing vehicles, looping women to car keys, barren feasts in the pursue of power+money yet without any pursue of completeness: who are amazed by the mountains.

Familiar. - remarks the City Boy.
Back in those days still without a credit card, after about 1.5 hours of waiting I paid the 1000 Argentine mangos to obtain the 7 days Trekking Largo aka Long Trekking permit in the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

International philanthropy: in the case of official documents and communication I generally don't use the accent in my name, except if I'm assured about the UTF-8 support of the target system.
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Some part of the gear - no need to worry, everything's going to be detailed on the last page; for those dear readers who like myself sometimes keen of the academic details.

Northland Professional -10 C sleeping bag, self-inflating sleeping mat, 1.5 kg Doite Zolo bivouac.

All of these were put into a 70 litres backpack.
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Ready for the departure: with hiking sticks, photo gear together!
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Ezeiza airport...haven't met for a long time...
One of my eyes cried, the other laughed because of the ticket. Laughed because I could catch a discount ticket (one-way 800ARS) again yet the other cried because the plane left from the farther Ezeiza - not the closer Jorge Newbery domestic airport: thus it was only a moral victory, financially I lost the profit on the cab ride. Nonetheless, adding this 200 peso fare I still came out better than the next planes from Jorge Newbery (1000-1200ARS). Traveller philanthropy.

05:15am: left the apartment
06:00am: arrival to the airport, having the luggage in plastic foil already costs 140 Argentine mangos.
06:20am: the backpack is now in the hands of the airport staff
06:40am: sitting a-round next to the gate. Some Russian voices behind my back: Facebook, Kalashnikov, Himalaya Base Camp, Cambodia.
07:35am: 10 minutes of delay but we left the runway, because of the heavy traffic.
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Been there, done that.
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The sexy range of The Andes appeared.
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Mendoza, an old acquaintance...
Awaiting the cab where forthright sly chicanery attacked me in the value of 70 pesos. Much obliged but I told him I've been in Mendoza, otherwise I've been living in Argentina. For quite a long time.

Of course I didn't get anywhere with the story of my life, but in this moment a girl arrived from the same flight and by halving into 35-35 pesos we headed toward the downtown.
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In the tourist office
After we dropped the girl I told the San Martín 1143 destination to the driver, but mentioning the Aconcagua word he just nodded: he knows the place. The porter of the building in French style directed me to the first floor, there's the office and handing out the permits.

After a short waiting I signed the multiple documents about my legal responsibilities, the helpful staff explained again the rules in the park, then by half past 10am I happily grabbed the permit and noted that I'm cleared to enter the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

The topmost part is your copy, then comes the confirmation that you left the park. In the middle come the results of the free but mandatory medical examinations, per each camp. At the bottom is the confirmation of entering the park.
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Since it meant only a 20 minutes walk, I only strolled to the Savigliano Hostel. Without business interest, two advice why to choose them if you go to the Aconcagua:
  • if you don't have an organized transfer to the mountain because you navigate and travel in solo, then you'll use the public buses - and compared to the location of the hostel, the bus terminal is just on the other side of the Avenue Videla; open the below image on the Google Maps. So you don't have to wake up too early to get to the morning bus only stroll through the tunnel under the road.
  • their lockers are well sized (have your padlocks): a 70 litres backpack + a medium sized photo bag fit well, altogether there's place for 2x70 litres.
By 11am I had my place in the hostel, walked to the bus terminal and for 89 pesos bought the Mendoza - Valle de Horcones round trip ticket. About the companies, theoretically Andesmar and the Uspallata do Mendoza transfers, but if you want to go for sure then choose the Buttini company: I travelled with them, they surely have a stop at Valle de Horcones, what's the exact location of the entrance of the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

Again in the hostel and I consumed some late energy input under the spell of the Enticing Dining Room.
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Light cruising in Mendoza
El nuevo Metrobus te quiere conocer. - The new Metrobus wants to get to know you.

Terrific. - thought Martín the mendocino, María the mendocina, shook their shoulders and moved along under the shady, green trees.
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Sat down on the terrace of Café Jack for a double. Sometimes everyone must just sit out, stare, perform photosynthesis, cease thinking, eyeball people.

When the next day you head out for a sapid mental-physical exercise.
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The city sign of Mendoza, for me in a completely new, so far unseen way: during daylight.
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Plaza Independencia, again during daytime.

Or much at the time of sunset.
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Dinner: usual, colourless Wiener schnitzel, aka la milanesa à la L’Argentine (I shan't ever get used to the compulsorily served ketchup-mustard-mayonnaise if any of these was an obligatory condiment for this meal...) with potato from the oven, Los Andes beer and Metallica in the background.
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