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Shock and tragedy on Retiro
I left the apartment at 7:30pm, right after the work. At this time I didn't suspect anything but enjoyed the ride on the Bus 152 with satisfied smirking. By 8pm I was on the Retiro terminal, right on time to catch my Via Bariloche bus leaving at 8:47pm.

I hasted to the 37-55 platforms at once, having already existing knowledge about the routes toward north.

Then chaos hit the terminal.

Both the BlackBerry and the clocks of the terminal already showed 9pm, yet the dark silence of the displays didn't show any buses which would go toward north and the Iguazú Falls. But the only lonely row:
21:00 Neuquen Via Bari.

It didn't mean much. As a world traveller and a middle-class person inclined to thinking, I found improbable the bus first drives 2x989.33 kilometers toward the other southwestern direction between Buenos Aires and Neuquén - then heads to north.

20:45 Iguazu Tigre I.
A few moments later:
20:47 Iguazu Tigre I.
None of them says Via Bariloche.

21:00 Iguazu Cruc.Norte
So, the delayed buses still set out.

At 21:50 all the buses which were supposed to leave between 8pm and 9pm had disappeared from the displays.
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The climax
I strolled to the first floor, the first Via Bariloche counter forwarded me to the central one: The box Number 122 is what you're seeking. Mucsaszgrászias-noayporké.

I explained my little tale. What's the situation? Some technical problems? The cashier guy asked my ticket then told me: This bus had already gone.

My eyes stared with blank incomprehension.

o_o .. O_o .. o_O .. O_o .. o_O .. O_O

At 8:47pm, as it's on the ticket.
But at 8:47pm no Via Bariloche was announced to the Iguazú Falls. Only a Tigre I. was next to the time. - I didn't get it
But that was it.
And how should the passenger know this?
Well, you have to check the time of the departure! 8:47pm - he explained
That's clear but if the company on the display is different than the one I purchased the ticket for? - I didn't get it
This is why you have to arrive to the terminal 20 minutes earlier and ask here, at the counter. - and this was the final, scorching and critical hit of an artery.

Okay, I admit, the ticket says Please arrive at least 20 minutes earlier. - but I assumed this only as the Simple Standard Standing in Line habit. Not in the way, one has to make inquiries whether Today you or a subcontractor will carry the passengers?

Furthermore I neither understood the situation because in the previous story the displays and the painting as well said Via Bariloche toward the Iguazú Falls - not a subcontractor.

Furthermore I accept my liability, Honoured Judge. Although I've seen numerous times buses going after each other like the geese, reaching each other's bumper...but it's unlikely at 8:47pm with minute accuracy Via Bariloche and an another company too departs a bus to the same destination. This thought already stabbed my spider sense there, still I didn't go to the bus just to ask questions.

What could one do in such case?
This was the last bus for today. - he said. Tomorrow at 2:15pm will the next leave, there's a free seat and he printed the new ticket - heavily highlighting the important parts.
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I expressed my gratitude for his help.

The world traveller was humiliated.

Head down in the gutter, he stumbled toward the Bus 152.

Returned to the apartment, feebly whimpering.