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Morning and departure from the city of Silver
Wake up, toilette, breakfast (the usual Argentine: sugar-sugar-sugar, thus I remained at the toast-butter-coffee offer), then I strolled toward the railway station.

The Plaza Italia, in La Plata, hahaha, has simply i and a.
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Does Budapest or any other developed city has such?
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During the walk I realized the difference between the two silvers: this and Mar del Plata. On this short morning I spotted more pretty and heading to work women here (small things which rev up the fantasy of the pervert type men). It was strange for myself as well, but this was the case. I thought the beaches and sunshine of Mar del Plata will bring more pretty women. It brought but still less.
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Aside of the pretty women and pervert men, a totally different subject: I already discovered quite lot of Argentina so far. Quite alot.

But so far, listening to my experiences, I can clearly say that the worst drivers of the country can be found in La Plata.

They bear all the bad skills of the whole country - without the intention of a complete list: forgetting the right of the pedestrians, the grand interpretation of the red lights, the lines separating the lanes must be under the car - all those don't matter.

But here people interpret the pedestrian crossings as when the lights are red, they must stop on the crossing. Not before: on the crossing.
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The railway station.
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This view gets into the eyes of the visitors who step out from the station.
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Train-fetishists, do tell the type of the engine, the brand, year and the last 3 numbers of the DNI of the driver.
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Adiós La Plata.
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Toward Buenos Aires
Fortunately the weather was much more in sunshine, thus with a more positive sensation and with the other commuting Argentines from the suburbs I headed back toward the capital on the Monday morning, to the bread giving job.

I looked around on the faces, there's all type of class, type: university student with a backpack, office worker in shirt and pants, woman in her fifties and in tight pants, real Latino, totally male group consisting 5-70 men and other simple passengers like families with children. Occasionally a man entered the car and offered some bread from a brown wicker basket. An another in his forties arrived too, had a CD-player on his shoulder, loudly blasting cumbia and from the hands he was offering CD disks. I couldn't decide if the indictment should be phrased against the good taste or against the copyright. Thanks, but at this moment, not. - I answered him, then he left. I watched the railway station as the train departed and when I started to follow the other passengers again, some girl bought a CD. There you go Napster.

While the train wobbles through the stations and the passengers change, I repeatedly recall my stomach-hittingly honest-elitist thought: Cab? Rented car? Microbus? VIP bus? If Columbus saw you, he would start to cry. So-called travellers. Bahh. Laughable.