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Again in Patagonia, in the northern region.
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It was here, in the minidiary.
The tension had returned.
The cuckoo clock called 2:46pm, so I was at the Retiro terminal on time. The past haunted, stumbling toward the Bus 152 while feebly whimpering - nonetheless now I mustered the Via Bariloche and Tigre Iguazú buses from the upper level seat - the buses which stirred The Tragedy of Iguazú Falls.

I recognized the Neuquen Via Bari. row on the display with clockwork precision, thus shall we head to Neuquén, 989.33 km farther.
Story revs up here, in the first 10 minutes of the 15 hours of bus ride the Dreaded Elitist Traveller had appeared and returned. It's not travelling if you push back the seat, snore until the destination, shoot some pictures and return to home saying what a journey it was!

This has the same level of sense as falling asleep in the beginning of the football match saying I'll wake up in the 80. minute. Or read the cover of a book and the last 2 pages.
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After 9 de Julio
Story slows down here, the bus swept forward in the dark Argentine night. Eternal rule: the church and gas stations serve as bus stop in the countryside.

Why YPF? You'll learn tomorrow.
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For great and unfortunate surprise, no photo was taken about the afternoon la merienda gastronomical experience: to fill the missing feeling, just open the Iguazú traveldiary: tee-totally the same toast and jam was served.

Supper: toast, some bakery thing, cold salad with ham and if my memories don't trick me, the dessert was vanilla pudding nuevamente.
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You say: Bad, underexposed picture and these are only meal-for-the-masses anyway.
I say: herearound Wiener schnitzel/milanesa isn't fried to gold or being crunchy.
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