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Again Buenos Aires
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Toward the capital
10:25am breakfast as usual: medialunas, two pastries with quince cheese (membrillo is the local name, very popular dish; probably the trick of Gods I also like it sometimes), 1 dry chocolate muffin. Oh, additionally the already sweetened coffee had 2 extra sugar bags in the breakfast pack: nobody needs to have missing sensations, shall the libido swing. Neither the instant milk powder missed the sugar. Just because just.
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Sorry, no better picture made its way as the last image of the traveldiary.
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On the contrary to the gross amount of 4 days and the roundtrip about 2,000 km ride, I've never had any more peaceful Argentine travel. Todo tranquilo. This could have two reasons:
  • likely: the Patagonian landscapes, cities and villages are magically calm and relaxing - at most only the roaring winds and the bone-freezing screams of the dinosaurs could ruffle the nerves.
  • less likely: it'll be a heavy contradiction but when I visited Budapest in 2012 after 1.5 years, the first thing I noticed how silent is the city (relatively). Then again compared to Buenos Aires, the audioskeptical contrast of Neuquén and its region was perceptible.
The roundtrip bus ticket cost 1,600 mangos, the additional expenses of the 5 days were somewhere 2,000 pesos by memory. One can make it with less money: deducing not having restaurant meals, furthermore isn't completely necessary to get to the places in organized manners. As traveller philanthropy, before gastronomical experiences it isn't worth to pay too much attention to a whirring abacus.

dry, rocks with colours, windy Patagonian landscape + small town + village + interesting museums + southern part of autumnal Neuquen (belle) + good meals Not too much can be added, North Patagonia also offers many sights.

Reading stuff: the pages of the traveldiary write only about the personally visited places. Nonetheless it's a good idea to browse the below pages, then future visitors of the region can add more places of interest into the itinerary. From our next chapter
The narrative of the Last Argentine Travel shall arrive. The last...sure. *wink*