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On the Retiro bus terminal
Bus 152 slowed down at the stop, getting on always goes at the first door. We were hasting forward on the early city evening, when at one place, right before the doors would close, five neatly groomed, pretty and scentful lady suddenly jumped on and leisurely laid down on the backmost row of seats. What was their motivation, I don't know, but the objective fact they didn't pay any - lesser than 10 pesos - fare.

Arrival to the Retiro terminal by 7pm, the nexth pleasant and with sometimes Iguazú Unpleasant memories, yet still focused.

During waiting one event is worth to mention, a man around his 28-30s, seemingly at his physical and mental peak steps up to me with a cigarette in his mouth and asks for some change. The practical story didn't change into Henry Rollins' truthful Sermonizing from the Mount meeting, but was simply denied. Even more, since on the contrary to the general customs he didn't start to hijo de la puta me, so neither did the Find yourself a job. preaching start to speak.

The other event, Via Bariloche has a new design!

Which wasn't my direction as of now, but the Fredes Turismo SRL will be my carrier. At first I walk to the suite category bus, but the ticket inspector, secondary driver stops me: Señor Andai, I'm sorry, but you cannot enter this bus.

I suddenly stop short, the confusion dumbfounds me, I'm unable to find any word.

Your ticket is for the ejecutivo class. That's our different bus, in 2 minutes. Ohh, what can you do in such case, Lo siento, my mistake.

At second I successfully locate the soon arriving other ejecutivo bus and peek around on the first floor.
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20:18 departure.

How this happened many times from Retiro, departure by bus from Buenos Aires. Heading toward any direction of the weather-wane, I've always watched the houses and panels with wonder, built 2-3 meters far from the exit highway. I couldn't get to a final conclusion in the unbelievably permanent noise.

Second insight, gentle men and women drivers don't feel troubled to overtake from the right, in the emergency lane.
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The ominous peach jam roll, now without peach. No reason to be alarmed, the dough is sweetened.
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After half past 8, dinner finished. Against the nothingness of the hors d'oeuvre, the main dish with its neatly thin and fatless pork slices are good enough. The sauce is less noteworthy with something onionish and squelchy potato. As the postré, at least some acceptable coffee-chocolate cream.
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Slept some, approximately in each 1-2 hours. Poorly patched plastic squeaks over your head on the ejecutivo class? AC blasts the cold by full strength.

21:50 some mysticbrutal CSI movie with Carrie Anne Moss and Aaron Eckhart; latter's Thank You for Smoking is recommended to have on the DVD-shelf.

The seats are somewhat smaller than the previously experienced - supposed to be ejecutivo??? - at least the pillow is comfortably big and fits on the headrest and the window, thus helps to prevent the cool air to blow onto your head during the whole night.